Xtreme Smartphones 

  • Voice X3 Voice X3

    This is the deal you want to score if you need a Smartphone with a wide screen display. Running on an Android 4.4 Kit Kat, and a 1.3 GHz Quad-core..

    Voice X5 Voice X5

    Pakistan's 1st Octa-Core Smartphone, Voice Xtreme X5 sets the benchmark in the country by becoming the pioneer of Octa-Core Technology. The smart ..

    Voice V15 Voice V15

    Xtreme V15 is a 3G enables phone that is appropriate for the new generation. With a spacious memory and dual surround sound blaster speakers the X..

  • Voice V14 Voice V14

    Xtreme V14 is the choice of the new generation. This dual SIM Smartphone is the best choice for those who travel and need a sturdy companion for i..

    Voice X2 Voice X2

    Voice Mobile adds another gem in its portfolio of Smartphones by launching X2, the sleek and modern Smartphone that will give you a different usag..

    Voice V10i Voice V10i

    Here comes another breakthrough! Use Voice Xtreme V10i for a smarter Android experience that issuitable especially for the youth. Xtreme V10i adds..

  • Voice V90 Voice V90

    Experience a blend of power, elegance, performance and comfort. The all new Android smartphone, VoiceXtreme V90, will make your everyday communica..

    Voice V80 Voice V80

    A 1.3 GHz Quad Core processor with an Android 4.2 Jelly Bean operating system gives you the flexibility to remain at par with your schedule. V80 c..

    Voice V75 Voice V75

    It’s time to show your personality and style and ride your way to success with Voice Xtreme V75. This is a colorful business Smartphone having a h..

Bar Phones

  • Voice V666 Voice V666

    Voice Mobile's V666 is a Tri SIM phone with a 1,200 mAh battery. The design is sleek yet unique as the bottom edges are not curved but sleek and e..

    Voice V455 Voice V455

    The futuristic design of V155 will compel others to give this handset another look. The sleek black design with round and shiny menu keys give thi..

    Voice V450 Voice V450

    Voice V450 is an elegant and stylish handset having curved edges that makes you hold the cell phone with ease. Its keypad is designed to suit your..

  • Voice V130 Voice V130

    Do you need an alarm clock to wake up for Namaz (prayers) and also want a cell phone to stay connected with your family, friends, and office colle..

    Voice V122 Voice V122

    If you want to ride with style then Voice V122 is the brand for you. With a 1.8-inch screen, this Bar Phone has a torch, digital camera, and an au..

    Voice V950 WiFi Voice V950 WiFi

    Taking selfies and surfing social media has become a norm which is why Voice V950 comes with a front camera that takes high quality pictures and W..

  • Voice V888 Voice V888

    Do you always carry your handset’s recharge cable? If yes, then you are in for a surprise as Voice Mobile brings you V888, the latest addition in ..

    Voice V750 Voice V750

    Ever thought that you can own a stylish cell phone at an affordable price? Voice V750 is a handset that is ahead of its time yet fits in your budg..

    Voice V560 Voice V560

    This is another handset by Voice Mobile that is available in two colors; black and golden. The menu keys are designed differently while the batter..

Upcoming Phones

View the newly launched mobile phones & devices coming soon to Voice Mobile. We work hard to bring you tomorrow's technology first!